Manipulate Your Image: Professional Photographer vs. Cosmetic Surgeon

Why Hire A Professional Photographer Continued…

Professionals Edit & Manipulate Your Images:  Everyone needs to look good in family portraits and wedding formals, the perfect shot is a rare shot.  It’s inevitable someone will blink or a bridesmaid will look away at some cute guy.  Editing all sounds simple enough but takes time: removing distractions like road signs and wedding crashers from the background, or adding boutonnieres to jackets when groomsmen have forgotten their flowers.  I often get requests to re-style windblown hair and smooth out skin for a perfect complexion.   After narrowing down the shots I spend hours making each photo a work of art. No, I don’t charge extra, but those photo enhancements are why you pay a professional to do your portraits.

I’ve had years of Photoshop training and experience; my clients appreciate the end product.  Where there’s a great portrait there was probably a great professional photographer behind the camera with years of experience in editing skills.  Next time you are thinking of cosmetic surgery save some money and hire a professional photographer with photo editing knowledge… after all there is a slimming feature to take away years and pounds, and who doesn’t want their Facebook avatar to be the envy of all their friends!




Why Hire A Professional Photographer Continued…

Creative Visual Journaling:  Your professional photographer, with years of experience, will be able to capture all your events and details of the day. With creativity and a variety of shots, they will last a lifetime and tell a family’s story. There will always be clients that want quality and professionalism in documenting important family gatherings, instead of downloading guest’s Facebook posts shot with iPads and smartphones.

In order to create my clients individual stories, I meet with the bride and groom weeks before the wedding to verbally create their day, and find out their “style”.  I collect names of important friends, find out what shots will be important to them, and ask for any special requests.  It’s fun when they bring me a challenge or a “recreate” this for us from a magazine or a friends wedding.  Once the reception starts I have to constantly scan looking for interesting activity or laughing groups of friends. This ensures all events and detail will be captured for you to relive for years to come, even the stuff you missed. One of my favorite weddings had a superhero theme, along with comic strip origami bouquets and boutonnieres, glowing light sabers battles, and pets wearing capes.

Kevin Roberts Photography Origami Flowers"Kevin Roberts Photography Light Sabers






Hiring Your Uncle…bad idea

That’s the cliche’, right? Your uncle offers to photograph your wedding, in place of a present. Bad idea,unless your uncle is a professional wedding photographer!  Can’t wait to do your wedding in September Paul!  Laura Ann and Nephew Paul were smart, they hired me almost a year ago as I have been known to be booked 2 years in advance.  My advice to couples is find their venue, then call me.  Why a professional?  I’ll be addressing this in my next few posts.

Why Hire A Professional Photographer

Experience Counts: A friend or relative may be a good photographer, but can they deal with the chaos of a wedding day. Experienced wedding photographers are familiar with all aspects of the event.

  • Lighting difficulties. Is the church dark, and the reception venue even darker? We all pray for great weather when it’s an outdoor wedding, but sometimes the sun can be awfully bright, the rain clouds may have moved everything indoors, or the venue just doesn’t have shade and how are you going to get a great photo in full sun without squinting eyes?
  • Problems might arise during the day. Skills like guiding large groups, and handling family formal shots with tact, especially split families, are only learned by shooting many weddings.  Discussions during your last appointment about any family issues is highly recommended!
  • Dealing with the hectic day a prepared professional keeps you on time and focused so you can relax and enjoy your day.  After all if you are stressed it will show in your photo’s.
Does experience matter to you?  Share your thoughts with us.