Before the I Do or After

The Big Question. Wedding photos before the ceremony or after?  This is an important question to ask your experienced photographer.  Having done hundreds of weddings in my career I have worked with many clients who choose to do bride and groom photos after the ceremony. This can work, given enough time, and if they know what to expect.

Two of the most common scenarios I handle with weddings are the bride and groom waiting for their photos after the ceremony; or choosing to do their photos before. I never want to squash their dreams of seeing each other for the first time, that day, eyes locking as she walks down the aisle. So my job is to prepare them for what that entails. Instead of a lot of bride and groom photos, it means more solo shots, more having fun with your attendants, and depending on time, a handful of bride plus groom images.

Scenario 1 Bride and Groom Portraits After the Ceremony:  The bride decides she doesn’t want the groom to see her before the wedding.  We can still try to sneak in some of the wedding party shots while keeping the bride and groom hidden from each other. Family photos take place directly after the ceremony, then wedding party, and then whatever time is left is dedicated to the happy couple. Usually while the guests are waiting at the reception.  It never fails, a family member runs up alerting the couple their guests are leaving, and hurries them into the reception.

Scenario 2 Wedding Day Portraits Before the Ceremony:  The bride and groom decide to take as many photos as possible before the ceremony.  If everyone arrives on time, I am able to set up first look photos with the bride and groom, capturing an intimate moment they will always cherish.  We will now have plenty of time to do several styles of photography, including the fun when we add in the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.  If there are special request photos, there will be plenty of time to photography these.  The reception is enjoyable for the couple and the guests.  The cake, garter and bouquet toss, and first dance photos are taken with plenty of time to capture more photos of mingling with the guests.

It’s all up to the bride and groom.  I guess the real question to ask how long do you want your guests to wait and is less couple images a good trade for more attendant photos.

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Wedding Contract

Many brides do not realize when planning a wedding almost all vendors will have a wedding contract to sign and professional photographers are among those vendors.  It’s important for you to go over this contract with your wedding photographer and understand both parties responsibilities and liabilities… heaven forbid something should happen to your images.

What’s a contract all about?

  • Wedding Date:  Once you set your wedding date and have paid the retainer the contract is binding.  No refunds to change your date or to cancel for any reason. Please understand the studio has passed up other opportunities because they have saved the date for YOU.
  • Bride and Groom Vitals:  If you have booked your wedding a year or months in advance make sure you have contacted your photographer with current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  If your package includes an engagement session, and you have not contacted the photographer to set a date, they will want to be sure to contact you.  This information also needs to be current after the wedding so you can view and receive your package images.
  • Photo Package Details:  This area of the contract will state the number of hours to be covered and package obligations.
  • Charges for Services: The contract is your receipt for moneys due and owed.  All professional photographers will ask for a retainer to hold your date, state sales tax, and a balance due date.  Balance due dates are normally two weeks before the wedding and typically when you do your last meeting with the photographer to go over the details of the wedding day.
  • Terms of Agreement:  Here is where the photographer generally states his liability and what to expect in drastic situations.  There is also a NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT.  Many who use professional photography services don’t realize the images produced by professional photographers are protected under Federal Law.  It is illegal to copy or reproduce the images elsewhere without the studio’s permission. In several of Kevin Roberts Photography wedding packages you are given or able to purchase images and will be given a copyright release to produce them for your personal uses. Studio’s will also include a statement which allows them the right to use your image to promote their business; after all they worked hard to produce these awesome images and want to show them off as much as you do.  The statement will stipulate where the images will be used such as display’s and publications.
  • Signatures:  Don’t forget to sign your contract.  It will make life easier for both parties should issues arise.

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The Weather Is Getting Nice For Engagement Photos – What to wear?

Often I’m asked by the couple what they should wear when preparing for the engagement session. This time of year in Boise you have to be flexible with the weather, and it will determine your clothing options.  Early spring is best for bright bold colorful clothing, since everything else is so drab  It’s always advisable to stay away from white, although you can see in these photo’s the bride added a splash of color to her white which works great with her fiances black and white attire.  Guys should never ever wear white and nerdy socks…girls remember to check their socks before they leave the house!

Below are some fun poses the couple found on Pinterest and asked me to duplicate.  You can view more engagement photo’s by Kevin Roberts Photography here.

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