Family Portrait…Butter

This is a little bit random family portrait, but our family pet Butterbur has been going rampant in our gardens and it was perfect timing to take his portrait!  A few tips when shooting your family pets.  First, use a long lens to blur your background.  This gives prominence to the animal’s portrait.  Second, get down to your pets level for the photo shoot, it’s a different angle from the one you see all day long.  Like Butter, you will get an awesome expression with those wonderful animal eyes.  My last advise, timing is everything.  When is your pet most behaved, and morning or evening lighting is best if you plan an outdoor portrait to get that cool rim light.

Click here to check out one of those great family portraits where the family dog is showing his love.

Family Pet Portrait Photography



Lighting Your Subject

As a Boise photographer I had a client tell me she was attracted to my photos because of there depth.  I hadn’t thought about it, but having a degree in graphic arts and taking several art classes it’s become natural for me to use my talents in turning a portrait into a piece of art.  My secret … I try to show depth by shooting towards lighter backgrounds.  Using a background that is lighter than the subject seems to be the trend in contemporary photography.  Here are more of my Boise photography photo’s from downtown and Boise Depot engagement session.  Notice even in the black and white photo how depth is created with the lighting.  You can also view more photo’s here.

Boise Photographer Engagement

Boise Photographer Wedding Family Senior
Boise Photographer