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Destination Wedding Photographer: Shore Lodge, McCall, Idaho

The most interesting wedding photography usually happens at unique venues away from Boise. Since we live in a desert, photography near large bodies of water interest us.  After our interview the bride and groom hired Boise wedding photographer Kevin Roberts to do their McCall Shore Lodge destination wedding. They couldn’t resist Shore Lodge’s reasonable off-season rates.

The groom, Ryan, performed at his own wedding as drummer in his live band. They were very tight by the way, even though they had not been together for years.  Ryan and Jennifer, the bride, decided not only to make it a destination wedding, but to create it as a play.  From the wedding programs, to the dress-up wedding photos the stage was set.  The programs were printed as if you were going to see a play.  The dinner place settings included sheet music, a song written by the groom.

Continuing with the stage play theme, the wedding party quickly dressed in turn of the century clothing making for a fabulous time at the lake for this Boise wedding photographer.

Great wedding photography happens with cooperative subjects, creative themes, and an unusual wedding setting.  The bride and groom toasting marshmallows around the fire pit was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography