Let’s Talk Wedding Pricing for Wedding Photographers in Boise

Wedding photographers in Boise all have a wide range of pricing.  Let me offer up the following suggestions when making your search.

Cost of a Wedding Photographer

  • How much of your wedding budget is dedicated to photography?  Keeping in mind and speaking from experience, this will be the only service you will be sharing with your family, friends, and children when you reach  your 25th wedding anniversary.
  • What time of year and day of week have you chosen for your date?  Off season weddings (November, December, January, February, and March) plus Monday through Thursday weddings; the wedding photographer might consider to negotiate time at a lower rate.
  • How many years of experience does the photographer have doing weddings?  An experienced photographer may not be out of your price range.  If you choose a photographer such as myself you will not only have expertise in reality of what the day will look like, but experience with many of the local and area venues.   While you compare prices keep in mind experience does matter if you choose to have portraits you will cherish forever.
  • What are your end desires?  Do you need an album?  Are you just interested in the digital images?  Is hiring a photographer at an hourly rate better for you than purchasing a wedding package?  Are the wedding packages better than the individual product costs?

If you are interested in wedding photography contact Kevin Roberts Photography 208-362-9184 for a detailed price list or you can find a current general wedding price list here.



Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Children photography with Santa only happens once a year.  Children’s Store specialty toy shop owner Jeannie McCullough has the perfect toy shop background to photograph children, their families and the magical moment.   This year was no exception.  Waiting at the door listening for Santa’s jingle bells and then all of the sudden he rounds the corner of toys and entering the shop.  The children rush to greet Santa and then have to patiently wait their turn to whisper their desires.  In order to capture the children portraits in the best lighting possible I bring along a few lights. Now if you don’t have a profession there to help you what are you to do?  Below are a few tips to help photograph children.

Five Simple Tips for Children Photography

  1. Pay attention to the time of day.  Do you like to be messed with when your hungry or tired?  Children having fun, photographer having fun.
  2. Get eye level so your not so scary.  You will also be able to get more intimate shots if you are at eye level or slightly below.
  3. Candid shots verses posed shots. Kids often do not have an attention span to “pose” for the photographer.  There are so many great photos of children during the Santa shoot because Santa was their focus and well sometimes you have to keep those wishes a secret, and then other times it takes a bit of thinking.
  4. Zoom in.  You want to see your child’s face up close and personal.
  5. Patients.  It take time to get the perfect moment with children photography.  Get the kids playing and digital photography has made this a very inexpensive task.

These are just a few simple rules.  For more great information and detail about Children Photography check out How to Photograph Children.


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