Wedding Show Survival Guide

I participate in several wedding shows, and I’ll be at the 2013 Boise Wedding Show on February 23 & 24 at the Revolution Concert House in Garden City.  Here are few helpful wedding show tips to make the most of your time.

Wedding Show Do’s

  • Plan ahead. Most wedding show websites list participating vendors.  Check them out on the web before attending the show. Find out if this is a service you are interested in, and need to stop to find out more. Save time by hitting only the vendors whose services you need.
  • Bring a pen and notepad.  You can write on the vendors marketing materials or make notes on your own pad about what strikes you, like first impressions.  Be specific on your notes this will help jog your memory when going through the materials later at home.
  • Skip the fashion shows if you already have your attire decisions made.  Vendors are more available to talk with you when the booths are not as crowded.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  There are usually more than 50 vendors at a show and if your plan is to visit them all, high heels are not for you.
  • Bring pre-printed labels with your name, email address, and wedding date to quickly sign up for vendor door prizes. Have fun! Spend a little leisure time speaking with your favorite vendors.

Wedding Show Don’ts

  • Please do not bring children if possible. This is grown up time to have fun and think about the big day. The walkways between the vendor booths are sometimes tight and strollers can become an issue.
  • At a wedding show don’t expect to go into details with a vendor during the show.  Most vendors only bring a sample of their work.  If your interest was peaked make an appointment with the vendor after the show. Vendors are prepared to set up appointments at the show.
  • Don’t take photos unless you ask first. Most vendors will not have a problem if you ask first, but if they do don’t be offended.  Most have spent hours on their flower arrangements or wedding gowns design, if you are really interested support your local economy and hire them.  I personally am O.K. with brides using pinterest to pin my images from my site, but not all photographers will be pleased that you “pin.”

If you are looking for some fun come and see me at the Revolution Event Center on February 23 or 24.  I’ll be there Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm.  If you are interested in hiring Kevin Roberts Photography I highly recommend you don’t wait for the show. Fill out the contact form or call asap.  I have only a handful of open summer Saturday dates left for the 2013.