“Old skool” photography in Old Boise

There’s always some sort of backlash to current trends, like retro clothing, vinyl vs mp3’s in music, and it’s the same thing with photography. Fashions move in circles and apparently so does photography. For the nostalgic look Boise photographers have some very interesting architecture and art to make unique settings for any portrait shoot. There is something disappointing about a photograph turning out looking exactly like what you pointed your camera at. Many photographers are going for the retro look, playing with lens flare and scratches to get the feel of a Polaroid. They use old techniques to make a sense of atmosphere, something different than what we are bombarded with all day long,

Kevin Roberts’ recent photography shoot involved his client wanting “post war” vintage senior portrait. After looking at photos online with him to get on the same wavelength I discovered what he was after. Searching the thrift shops for days he found an outfit for a real vintage look 30’s/40’s. For the retro look which areas in Boise would you, the reader, have chosen?

Kevin and the senior had a great time and passersby were having a great time watching them.  A couple interesting conversations included one citizen on a bike complimenting out “guts shooting on a busy thoroughfare” and one curious looker asking permission to take a photo with her phone of Kevin capturing photos of the senior. Wouldn’t any great Boise Photographers do what it takes to create a memory?

It feels good to look back. Like looking at old photos of your grandparents are guaranteed to give you those warm comforting feelings.

Top Places for Boise Photographers to Shoot the Vintage Look

  1. Old Boise – Downtown anywhere near 6th Street.
  2. Old Penitentiary – For more information click here.
  3. Idaho City

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