Show and Tell With Wedding Planner

Using Pinterest to share your ideas with your vendors, bridal posse and wedding planner in Boise is a great idea. According to BRIDES more than half of the brides they surveyed in 2014 created boards to communicate their wedding day wishes with those charged with making them come true. It really helps your wedding photographer, caterer, venue manager and others to see examples of what you have in mind. But before you start pinning everything from save-the-date cards to your honeymoon wardrobe, here are a few things to keep in mind:

6 Tips For Pinning Your Wedding Ideas

Allow advisors access

Create a secret board to keep your clever ideas under wraps as you build out your theme. You can invite those closest to you (who share your vision) to also pin photos to keep your creative engine humming without letting the cat out of the bag.

Bride bouquet, metal art, vintage jewlery

Make multiple boards

Your photographer may enjoy looking at shots of cakes and flowers, but it will save time when meeting with your vendors if you categorize your pins to their area of responsibility.

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Customize captions

Change the captions in your pins describing what feature led you to add it to your board. With all the choices you have ahead, taking time to personalize your caption will save you from relying on your memory when you show your board to your wedding planner later.

wedding boutonniere, metal art flowers

Keep it real

Staged wedding concepts on Pinterest often feature one-of-a-kind or extravagant items you may not be able to find in Boise. What’s available within your budget may not look exactly like what you pinned, but it can still give your crew an idea of what you want to accomplish.

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Let there be light

Especially when collecting photography examples, keep the time of your events and the setting in mind. Photos taken inside a huge venue or in evening light outside will look different than those shot at different times and places. Discuss with your photographer what light will be available for your occasion and how that will affect color and intensity in your shots.

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Call it good

Once you’ve arrived at the look and feel for your wedding, stop looking and start doing. Add your own flair and style. You may start a new trend that wedding planners in Boise will be pinning themselves!

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