Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are becoming a necessity for the modern day bride and groom.

Save the date cards, registry websites, wedding invitations and wedding decor all use photos. When planning engagement photos, no rules apply. Kevin’s style is classic with a modern twist which means he will capture your personality and you will look fabulous! While you may be guided to turn a certain way, he is able to create a real and relaxed feel within your images.

Ideas for your engagement photo session.

Themed Photos: This is were you might want to pick a style or theme. Vintage has been very popular the last few years. Also there has been a recent wave of retro and Bohemian style. Pick a location that has a special connection to you both, first date, proposal, or favorite path to walk the dog, and wear your ring.

Cut Loose

Engagement photos are a great way to get to know your photographer and become more comfortable in front of the camera. Have fun and cut loose, don’t be embarrassed. Those goofy shots will probable be your favorites. Engagement photo ideas can be viewed in our gallery Kevin Roberts Photography. It’s best to work with your photographer to figure out the engagement photos. Most couples have no experience and should get some fun ideas from their photographer. Don’t think of some ideas after your session has come and gone. There are also many social media sites to find ideas unique to your personalities and ways to have fun with it.

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BOHO Casual trend for wedding photographers

Boho trends in Wedding Photography

A great time capturing wedding photos and new trends! A new wedding trend is on the loose and coming to a town near you! It’s called Boho Weddings. While I was pining on pinterest I came across an article on Boho Wedding Trends. Curious to find out what this was I had to do a little internet search. After all I may be asked by a Boise bride to shoot her Boho wedding or maybe I have taken wedding photos at a boho wedding and didn’t even know about  it.

According to wikipedia (and we know it’s reliable) Boho is short for bohemian. Boho-chic is a style of fashion with a bohemian and hippie influence. Several actresses made this style popular in 2005. Since 1990’s it has been in and out of the wedding photographers fashion scene. Many of the elements of the boho style came from the 1960’s.

Even though it’s a trend, it’s timely. Who doesn’t love the casualness of the style. Lace, flower headbands instead of a formal wedding veil, informal wedding party attire, and DIY wedding decor with lace and flowers, of course. It would be perfect for any of the outdoor wedding venue such as the Idaho Botanical Garden, Barber Park Event Center, Alpine Ponds, Boise Depot, Still Water Hollow, not to mention the ranch homes and ranch style event centers located in Eagle. And what about those destination weddings in McCall, Cascade and Sun Valley. Boho is so Idaho weddings even if you’re not a hippy with a VW bus.

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Oh, Baby it’s Cold Outside… Winter Wedding Engagement Photography

Winter Engagement Photos

Boise wedding photographers never know quite what to expect when a couple chooses to do their engagement session in subzero weather…. well not quite.  When the weather man says 12 degrees with a breeze and feels like 8, his report is correct.  Attire must include, long johns, leggin’s, wool jackets, scarves, hats, anything to keep warm.   As the photographer I was able to bundle up, (except I can’t push small camera buttons with thick gloves) but my clients did take a few warm breaks in downtown Boise.  This recent inclement weather gave this Boise wedding photographer a chance to see how future wedding couple handle flexibility, red noses, and patience levels. Building bonds through adverse conditions like war buddies.

Renata and Michael’s  photo’s were especially fun to photograph.  They choose a vintage engagement look, 30’s and 40’s period clothing and old Boise providing the backdrop for the engagement session.  A cafe downtown Boise provided a place to warmup in between locations.  We traveled up to the Boise Train Depot and the engagement couple brought their antique suitcase and a love banner.   Both props provided a quaint look to their engagement photo.

Another fun place to take winter wedding engagement photos is at our local resort Bogus Basin or travel just a bit to the east to Idaho City.  The sun shines brighter above Boise and it’s a lot warmer.

If your wedding is fast approaching, winter wedding engagement photos are perfect for your save the date cards.  Brave the cold, have fun with it, and bring a thermos of hot cocoa!

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement


Recreational Engagement Couples

Wanting to make your engagement photos more meaningful?  Take an inventory of the activities you love to participate in and lets see if they can be incorporated into your photo shoot for a one of a kind engagement session.  As long as your session is located in the Treasure Valley there are no additional engagement session fees from Kevin Roberts Photography.

Idaho has so many recreational opportunities for couples, especially Boise. Katie and Cody enjoy motorcycle riding. They brought their street bike with them to their photography session which added color and interest to their portrait.

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography

More and more couples include their favorite way to relieve stress by playing in the great outdoors in their engagement photography. Stephanie and David cool off during evening walks in Camelsback Park located in Boise, so I jumped at the chance to go somewhere new.

Where would you like to go and what would you like to bring with you?  Contact Kevin at Kevin Roberts Photography to set up your special portrait session.

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography


Family Farm Engagement Photos

One of my Boise wedding couples, Josh and Melissa, mentioned taking some engagement photos out in Caldwell, Idaho on their grandpa’s farm. As a photographer I was excited getting to go somewhere new and very different, just like for weddings. Josh nearly cancelled shooting at the farm, thinking I would hate it, and deem it too run down. But as you can see, when you’ve got the sun going down, a good looking couple, and a haystack….. You can’t take a bad shot. Everywhere I turned I saw great areas for photography fun. Melissa asked if she should bring anything, I told her to bring a cowboy hat if she had one for the cute factor, but she brought an awesome pair of red cowboy boots to steal the show.

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Wedding Contract

Many brides do not realize when planning a wedding almost all vendors will have a wedding contract to sign and professional photographers are among those vendors.  It’s important for you to go over this contract with your wedding photographer and understand both parties responsibilities and liabilities… heaven forbid something should happen to your images.

What’s a contract all about?

  • Wedding Date:  Once you set your wedding date and have paid the retainer the contract is binding.  No refunds to change your date or to cancel for any reason. Please understand the studio has passed up other opportunities because they have saved the date for YOU.
  • Bride and Groom Vitals:  If you have booked your wedding a year or months in advance make sure you have contacted your photographer with current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  If your package includes an engagement session, and you have not contacted the photographer to set a date, they will want to be sure to contact you.  This information also needs to be current after the wedding so you can view and receive your package images.
  • Photo Package Details:  This area of the contract will state the number of hours to be covered and package obligations.
  • Charges for Services: The contract is your receipt for moneys due and owed.  All professional photographers will ask for a retainer to hold your date, state sales tax, and a balance due date.  Balance due dates are normally two weeks before the wedding and typically when you do your last meeting with the photographer to go over the details of the wedding day.
  • Terms of Agreement:  Here is where the photographer generally states his liability and what to expect in drastic situations.  There is also a NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT.  Many who use professional photography services don’t realize the images produced by professional photographers are protected under Federal Law.  It is illegal to copy or reproduce the images elsewhere without the studio’s permission. In several of Kevin Roberts Photography wedding packages you are given or able to purchase images and will be given a copyright release to produce them for your personal uses. Studio’s will also include a statement which allows them the right to use your image to promote their business; after all they worked hard to produce these awesome images and want to show them off as much as you do.  The statement will stipulate where the images will be used such as display’s and publications.
  • Signatures:  Don’t forget to sign your contract.  It will make life easier for both parties should issues arise.

 Wedding Package Prices for Kevin Roberts Photography


The Weather Is Getting Nice For Engagement Photos – What to wear?

Often I’m asked by the couple what they should wear when preparing for the engagement session. This time of year in Boise you have to be flexible with the weather, and it will determine your clothing options.  Early spring is best for bright bold colorful clothing, since everything else is so drab  It’s always advisable to stay away from white, although you can see in these photo’s the bride added a splash of color to her white which works great with her fiances black and white attire.  Guys should never ever wear white and nerdy socks…girls remember to check their socks before they leave the house!

Below are some fun poses the couple found on Pinterest and asked me to duplicate.  You can view more engagement photo’s by Kevin Roberts Photography here.

Boise Idaho Photographer Engagement Kevin Roberts Photographyphotographer boise idaho engagement wedding