Wedding Trends 2017

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Groom with Groomsmen in Kilts

Furry Friends

Idaho photographers have seen many wedding trends a cute pup make their way down the aisle as ring bearers. There was even the bride who had her bridesmaids carry adoptable puppies instead of bouquets. In 2017 our pets will play an even bigger role in upcoming nuptials. “From bunnies and goats to llamas and pigs, couples having rustic barn weddings are incorporating farm animals into the wedding day,” says The Knot.

wedding photographer boise idaho barn wedding

Barn wedding in Emmett, Idaho

Surprise settings.

Today’s couples want a wedding that will blow their guests away. One of the keys to an unforgettable event is the choice of venue. Any place with a large plot of land or a distinct barn or building will allow couples to really make their wedding unique and help them tell their personalized story.

On a Sugar High

After the last few years of pies, cake pops, and cupcakes, there’s been a strong shift back to tiered wedding cakes. There is something nostalgic about a wedding cake.

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Barn wedding cake Emmett, Idaho.

The Dinner Bell

With food trucks and family-style meals plus food stations are all fun ways to spice up the dinner., The old sit-down dinner is being replaced with more interactive options.

Weddidng Venue Eagle Idaho

Eagle, Idaho food truck wedding.


In an effort to entertain wedding guests, couples are turning to the tried and true: games. From interactive Mad Lib wedding programs to lawn games at outdoor cocktail hours, games are being used as a way to break the ice between guests. This playful trend is a great way to get your friends and family mingling and make great photographs. Just stay away from lawn darts.

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Wedding games at reception Idaho.

Bold Colors

Color is making a comeback to weddings after years of pastels. From boysenberry, to royal blue paired with yellow, to lilac and violet, and peach with orange. Decorate with bold patterns, glam it up with gold details and have fun with it. Overflowing blooms, billowing fabrics and a barely frosted cake with berry embellishments will bring everything together. Photographers do love strong bold colors.

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Bold wedding colors Emmett, Idaho.


Let’s Talk Wedding Pricing for Wedding Photographers in Boise

Wedding photographers in Boise all have a wide range of pricing.  Let me offer up the following suggestions when making your search.

Cost of a Wedding Photographer

  • How much of your wedding budget is dedicated to photography?  Keeping in mind and speaking from experience, this will be the only service you will be sharing with your family, friends, and children when you reach  your 25th wedding anniversary.
  • What time of year and day of week have you chosen for your date?  Off season weddings (November, December, January, February, and March) plus Monday through Thursday weddings; the wedding photographer might consider to negotiate time at a lower rate.
  • How many years of experience does the photographer have doing weddings?  An experienced photographer may not be out of your price range.  If you choose a photographer such as myself you will not only have expertise in reality of what the day will look like, but experience with many of the local and area venues.   While you compare prices keep in mind experience does matter if you choose to have portraits you will cherish forever.
  • What are your end desires?  Do you need an album?  Are you just interested in the digital images?  Is hiring a photographer at an hourly rate better for you than purchasing a wedding package?  Are the wedding packages better than the individual product costs?

If you are interested in wedding photography contact Kevin Roberts Photography 208-362-9184 for a detailed price list or you can find a current general wedding price list here.



Wedding Contract

Many brides do not realize when planning a wedding almost all vendors will have a wedding contract to sign and professional photographers are among those vendors.  It’s important for you to go over this contract with your wedding photographer and understand both parties responsibilities and liabilities… heaven forbid something should happen to your images.

What’s a contract all about?

  • Wedding Date:  Once you set your wedding date and have paid the retainer the contract is binding.  No refunds to change your date or to cancel for any reason. Please understand the studio has passed up other opportunities because they have saved the date for YOU.
  • Bride and Groom Vitals:  If you have booked your wedding a year or months in advance make sure you have contacted your photographer with current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  If your package includes an engagement session, and you have not contacted the photographer to set a date, they will want to be sure to contact you.  This information also needs to be current after the wedding so you can view and receive your package images.
  • Photo Package Details:  This area of the contract will state the number of hours to be covered and package obligations.
  • Charges for Services: The contract is your receipt for moneys due and owed.  All professional photographers will ask for a retainer to hold your date, state sales tax, and a balance due date.  Balance due dates are normally two weeks before the wedding and typically when you do your last meeting with the photographer to go over the details of the wedding day.
  • Terms of Agreement:  Here is where the photographer generally states his liability and what to expect in drastic situations.  There is also a NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT.  Many who use professional photography services don’t realize the images produced by professional photographers are protected under Federal Law.  It is illegal to copy or reproduce the images elsewhere without the studio’s permission. In several of Kevin Roberts Photography wedding packages you are given or able to purchase images and will be given a copyright release to produce them for your personal uses. Studio’s will also include a statement which allows them the right to use your image to promote their business; after all they worked hard to produce these awesome images and want to show them off as much as you do.  The statement will stipulate where the images will be used such as display’s and publications.
  • Signatures:  Don’t forget to sign your contract.  It will make life easier for both parties should issues arise.

 Wedding Package Prices for Kevin Roberts Photography


Hiring Your Uncle…bad idea

That’s the cliche’, right? Your uncle offers to photograph your wedding, in place of a present. Bad idea,unless your uncle is a professional wedding photographer!  Can’t wait to do your wedding in September Paul!  Laura Ann and Nephew Paul were smart, they hired me almost a year ago as I have been known to be booked 2 years in advance.  My advice to couples is find their venue, then call me.  Why a professional?  I’ll be addressing this in my next few posts.

Why Hire A Professional Photographer

Experience Counts: A friend or relative may be a good photographer, but can they deal with the chaos of a wedding day. Experienced wedding photographers are familiar with all aspects of the event.

  • Lighting difficulties. Is the church dark, and the reception venue even darker? We all pray for great weather when it’s an outdoor wedding, but sometimes the sun can be awfully bright, the rain clouds may have moved everything indoors, or the venue just doesn’t have shade and how are you going to get a great photo in full sun without squinting eyes?
  • Problems might arise during the day. Skills like guiding large groups, and handling family formal shots with tact, especially split families, are only learned by shooting many weddings.  Discussions during your last appointment about any family issues is highly recommended!
  • Dealing with the hectic day a prepared professional keeps you on time and focused so you can relax and enjoy your day.  After all if you are stressed it will show in your photo’s.
Does experience matter to you?  Share your thoughts with us.