Alpine Ponds

Popular Wedding Venues for Boise Photographers and Brides: Alpine Ponds

Wedding venues are often promoting themselves with free special events.  Many of these events ask photographers in Boise to help promote their wedding venue.  Kevin Roberts Photography was privileged to be asked by Alpine Ponds to participate in their 2014 Spring Mock Wedding.  Alpine Ponds offers packages starting at $1,000 and has accommodations for 100 – 250 people.

Sofiya and Chris’s wedding showcases many of Alpine ponds’ areas.  The guys look tough in the nice wooded areas. The ceremony takes advantage of the beautiful gazebo and large lawn for seated guests and aisle decorations. There is a bridge for creative photos plus secluded romantic areas for the bride and groom to be alone. Hanging bird cages and elegant table settings really transforms this venue. There is plenty of space for several food tables and dessert tables. In the evening the tented dance floor rimmed with a multi-colored light show turns the reception into a party.

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BanBury Golf Course

Popular Wedding Venues for Boise Brides and Photographers: BanBury Golf Course

Wedding ceremony and reception at BanBury, in Eagle Idaho, can accommodate up to 350 guests.  When you rent the venue they allow you full access to the clubhouse for four hours.  It’s a full package deal at BanBury.  Pricing includes tables, chairs, tables, linens, dishes, glassware, silverware, set-up and clean-up.

Over the past years I have photographed many weddings at this Eagle wedding venue.  From the clubhouse there is a great view of the lake.  If you have an evening and the weather is cooperative on your special day it makes for wonderful sunset photos.  A covered patio provides cool shade for your guests and is a great reception area for the toasting and head table.  BanBury also offers a dance floor inside the clubhouse where your DJ will have plenty of space for his speakers and room for dancing.   Be aware if your wedding should go over the four hour (start of ceremony is start of your four hours) you will be charged an extra $100.

Here are a few of Kevin Roberts Photography’s fun shots taken at BanBury.  In early summer the lake offers a wonderful backdrop for bride and groom, wedding party, and individual portraits.

Boise, Wedding, Venue, BanBury Golf Course, Eagle, Idaho, Kevin Roberts, Brides

Wedding Venue, Kevin Roberts Photography, Boise, Idaho, Eagle, Wedding Party

Wedding Photographer Boise Kevin Roberts BanBury Golf Course

Wedding, Venue, BanBury Golf Course, Photographer, Kevin Roberts, Ceremony

Wedding, Venue, BanBury, Reception, Photographer, Kevin Roberts, Toast

Wedding Venue, Reception, BanBury Golf Course, Photographer, Kevin Roberts

Wedding, Photography,BanBury Golf Course, Eagle, Kevin Roberts, Sunset



The Club at SpurWing

Popular Wedding Venues for Boise Brides and Photographers: The Club at SpurWing

The Club at SpurWing is another one of my personal favorite wedding event locations. SpurWing is a local Meridian golf course and clubhouse for hosting wedding events. It has a beautiful scenic backdrop for bride, groom, and wedding party photos. There is a stream and overlook along the course that are great spots to stop your golf cart for a photo shoot.

We usually start the day in the spacious bridal “getting ready” area, big enough for all your friends and lots of mirrors. Moving to the shaded entry area for bridal portraits we make good use of the wooden benches. The ceremony is usually held on the large patio.  There is plenty of shade for a hot summer wedding. The photo below also shows all the available space for guests. After being served dinner, the wedding party ends the day on the dance floor. The newlyweds for one of my weddings used the dance floor to show off their special wedding day cowboy boots!

Catering is provided in wedding packages offered to couples. The terrace can accommodate 250 guests and the Grand ballroom can accommodate up to 350.  View more details about wedding packages for The Club at SpurWing  here.

If you are interested in viewing more photo’s for The Club at SpurWing contact Kevin Roberts Photography.

The Club at SpurWing Kevin Roberts Photography

SpurWing Kevin Roberts Photography

Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts Boise

Boise Wedding SpurWing

The Club at SpurWing Wedding Meridian

SpurWing Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts




Still Water Hollow

Most popular 10 Venues for Wedding Photographers in Boise and surrounding areas

For the next several blogs I will be featuring my list of the most popular wedding venues in the surrounding area of Boise.  Having worked with wedding venues the past 20+ years my expertise and opinions are formed by the personality of the venue owner, the locations features such as landscaping, building, and anything that will create the wow factor in my client’s wedding photography.

Today we are featuring Still Water Hollow.  This is a fairly new re-opened venue, but reading on their website calendar, it is in high demand here in the Treasure Valley.  This spring was the first time I personally had experience with this venue under the new ownership, and I am booked to be there several more times this season.

Lisa and Steve invited us out to photograph their wedding in the heart of Nampa farm country, Still Water Hollow, a short fast drive from Boise.

The happy couple’s wedding party really turned up the fun on the big barn’s balcony, especially the groomsmen horsing around for me, the wedding photographer. The guys had the old mine with ore cars, pick axes, and a covered wagon to have fun with. These photos fit Steve’s personality, the happiest groom I have ever met. Still Water Hollow’s little white chapel gave an elegant touch for their first encounter photos and ceremony. Steve and Lisa’s wedding photography settings went from rustic western barn shots to romantic bridge and large pond backgrounds. This venue has a clear wide view of the horizon perfect for nice sunset wedding photography.

 wedding Photographer stillwater hollow Kevin Roberts Stillwater Hollow wedding photography Kevin Roberts Stillwater Hollow wedding photographer Kevin Roberts Still water Hollow wedding photographer Kevin Roberts (2) still water hollow photographer boise Kevin Roberts still water hollow  wedding photographer Kevin Roberts



“Old skool” photography in Old Boise

There’s always some sort of backlash to current trends, like retro clothing, vinyl vs mp3’s in music, and it’s the same thing with photography. Fashions move in circles and apparently so does photography. For the nostalgic look Boise photographers have some very interesting architecture and art to make unique settings for any portrait shoot. There is something disappointing about a photograph turning out looking exactly like what you pointed your camera at. Many photographers are going for the retro look, playing with lens flare and scratches to get the feel of a Polaroid. They use old techniques to make a sense of atmosphere, something different than what we are bombarded with all day long,

Kevin Roberts’ recent photography shoot involved his client wanting “post war” vintage senior portrait. After looking at photos online with him to get on the same wavelength I discovered what he was after. Searching the thrift shops for days he found an outfit for a real vintage look 30’s/40’s. For the retro look which areas in Boise would you, the reader, have chosen?

Kevin and the senior had a great time and passersby were having a great time watching them.  A couple interesting conversations included one citizen on a bike complimenting out “guts shooting on a busy thoroughfare” and one curious looker asking permission to take a photo with her phone of Kevin capturing photos of the senior. Wouldn’t any great Boise Photographers do what it takes to create a memory?

It feels good to look back. Like looking at old photos of your grandparents are guaranteed to give you those warm comforting feelings.

Top Places for Boise Photographers to Shoot the Vintage Look

  1. Old Boise – Downtown anywhere near 6th Street.
  2. Old Penitentiary – For more information click here.
  3. Idaho City

 Boise photographer Wedding Kevin Roberts Photography Boise photographers Wedding Kevin Roberts Photography Boise Photographer Wedding Kevin Roberts Photography




Wedding Show Survival Guide

I participate in several wedding shows, and I’ll be at the 2013 Boise Wedding Show on February 23 & 24 at the Revolution Concert House in Garden City.  Here are few helpful wedding show tips to make the most of your time.

Wedding Show Do’s

  • Plan ahead. Most wedding show websites list participating vendors.  Check them out on the web before attending the show. Find out if this is a service you are interested in, and need to stop to find out more. Save time by hitting only the vendors whose services you need.
  • Bring a pen and notepad.  You can write on the vendors marketing materials or make notes on your own pad about what strikes you, like first impressions.  Be specific on your notes this will help jog your memory when going through the materials later at home.
  • Skip the fashion shows if you already have your attire decisions made.  Vendors are more available to talk with you when the booths are not as crowded.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  There are usually more than 50 vendors at a show and if your plan is to visit them all, high heels are not for you.
  • Bring pre-printed labels with your name, email address, and wedding date to quickly sign up for vendor door prizes. Have fun! Spend a little leisure time speaking with your favorite vendors.

Wedding Show Don’ts

  • Please do not bring children if possible. This is grown up time to have fun and think about the big day. The walkways between the vendor booths are sometimes tight and strollers can become an issue.
  • At a wedding show don’t expect to go into details with a vendor during the show.  Most vendors only bring a sample of their work.  If your interest was peaked make an appointment with the vendor after the show. Vendors are prepared to set up appointments at the show.
  • Don’t take photos unless you ask first. Most vendors will not have a problem if you ask first, but if they do don’t be offended.  Most have spent hours on their flower arrangements or wedding gowns design, if you are really interested support your local economy and hire them.  I personally am O.K. with brides using pinterest to pin my images from my site, but not all photographers will be pleased that you “pin.”

If you are looking for some fun come and see me at the Revolution Event Center on February 23 or 24.  I’ll be there Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm.  If you are interested in hiring Kevin Roberts Photography I highly recommend you don’t wait for the show. Fill out the contact form or call asap.  I have only a handful of open summer Saturday dates left for the 2013.


Oh, Baby it’s Cold Outside… Winter Wedding Engagement Photography

Winter Engagement Photos

Boise wedding photographers never know quite what to expect when a couple chooses to do their engagement session in subzero weather…. well not quite.  When the weather man says 12 degrees with a breeze and feels like 8, his report is correct.  Attire must include, long johns, leggin’s, wool jackets, scarves, hats, anything to keep warm.   As the photographer I was able to bundle up, (except I can’t push small camera buttons with thick gloves) but my clients did take a few warm breaks in downtown Boise.  This recent inclement weather gave this Boise wedding photographer a chance to see how future wedding couple handle flexibility, red noses, and patience levels. Building bonds through adverse conditions like war buddies.

Renata and Michael’s  photo’s were especially fun to photograph.  They choose a vintage engagement look, 30’s and 40’s period clothing and old Boise providing the backdrop for the engagement session.  A cafe downtown Boise provided a place to warmup in between locations.  We traveled up to the Boise Train Depot and the engagement couple brought their antique suitcase and a love banner.   Both props provided a quaint look to their engagement photo.

Another fun place to take winter wedding engagement photos is at our local resort Bogus Basin or travel just a bit to the east to Idaho City.  The sun shines brighter above Boise and it’s a lot warmer.

If your wedding is fast approaching, winter wedding engagement photos are perfect for your save the date cards.  Brave the cold, have fun with it, and bring a thermos of hot cocoa!

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement

Wedding Photographers Boise Engagement


Wedding Photographer First Look

Wedding Photographer Sets Up First Look

… an alternative for bride and grooms who’s time will be cut short by the church or limited time between the ceremony and the reception.  As a wedding photographer I personally feel  “first looks” give the couple a chance to enjoy a moment of peace before the hectic day and demands on their personal time together.

An excellent read by Lauren Grove’s, Every Last Detail – Insight for Brides, on the subject can be found in her article {Thursday Tips} Consider A First Look.  “A First Look isn’t for everyone, and it’s not the “traditional” thing to do. But if photography is important to you, then you should seriously consider a First Look. Some of the absolute best wedding photos I have seen have been when the bride and groom have a First Look.”  Read the rest of the article here.

Lauren and Sean opted for “First Look” photos.  How could a photographer capture emotions like this during the ceremony?

Boise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Wedding Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyWedding Photographer Boise





Let’s Talk Wedding Pricing for Wedding Photographers in Boise

Wedding photographers in Boise all have a wide range of pricing.  Let me offer up the following suggestions when making your search.

Cost of a Wedding Photographer

  • How much of your wedding budget is dedicated to photography?  Keeping in mind and speaking from experience, this will be the only service you will be sharing with your family, friends, and children when you reach  your 25th wedding anniversary.
  • What time of year and day of week have you chosen for your date?  Off season weddings (November, December, January, February, and March) plus Monday through Thursday weddings; the wedding photographer might consider to negotiate time at a lower rate.
  • How many years of experience does the photographer have doing weddings?  An experienced photographer may not be out of your price range.  If you choose a photographer such as myself you will not only have expertise in reality of what the day will look like, but experience with many of the local and area venues.   While you compare prices keep in mind experience does matter if you choose to have portraits you will cherish forever.
  • What are your end desires?  Do you need an album?  Are you just interested in the digital images?  Is hiring a photographer at an hourly rate better for you than purchasing a wedding package?  Are the wedding packages better than the individual product costs?

If you are interested in wedding photography contact Kevin Roberts Photography 208-362-9184 for a detailed price list or you can find a current general wedding price list here.



Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Children photography with Santa only happens once a year.  Children’s Store specialty toy shop owner Jeannie McCullough has the perfect toy shop background to photograph children, their families and the magical moment.   This year was no exception.  Waiting at the door listening for Santa’s jingle bells and then all of the sudden he rounds the corner of toys and entering the shop.  The children rush to greet Santa and then have to patiently wait their turn to whisper their desires.  In order to capture the children portraits in the best lighting possible I bring along a few lights. Now if you don’t have a profession there to help you what are you to do?  Below are a few tips to help photograph children.

Five Simple Tips for Children Photography

  1. Pay attention to the time of day.  Do you like to be messed with when your hungry or tired?  Children having fun, photographer having fun.
  2. Get eye level so your not so scary.  You will also be able to get more intimate shots if you are at eye level or slightly below.
  3. Candid shots verses posed shots. Kids often do not have an attention span to “pose” for the photographer.  There are so many great photos of children during the Santa shoot because Santa was their focus and well sometimes you have to keep those wishes a secret, and then other times it takes a bit of thinking.
  4. Zoom in.  You want to see your child’s face up close and personal.
  5. Patients.  It take time to get the perfect moment with children photography.  Get the kids playing and digital photography has made this a very inexpensive task.

These are just a few simple rules.  For more great information and detail about Children Photography check out How to Photograph Children.


Boise Photographer Kevin Roberts PhotographyBoise Photographer Kevin Roberts Photography