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Barber Park Event Center

Boise wedding photographers like this venue because of it’s spacious patio, outdoor landscaping, and it’s beautiful reception area. This event center is located in Barber Park. There is easy access to the river and pathways.

This wedding venue can accommodate up to 250 people. More information can be found on the Education and Event Page of their website. Remember to read your contract carefully. Approved vendors must have liability insurance. You are also required to pay for security personnel to make sure your guests and alcohol don’t wander off the property.

A wedding photographer can easily set up great shots inside or out. There are large glass windows and an open floor plan for an indoor ceremony or reception. The bride’s dressing room is pretty tight. I recommend getting ready photos be taken at the brides home or hotel room if you want fun photos with your bridesmaids.  However, the kitchen area is spacious.Your wedding event cater will have plenty of space to prepare and to set up your food line.

Warning! If you book your wedding during river “floating season” at Barber Park, you may have uninvited guests walking through your patio ceremony with inflatables. During float season guests are charged a parking fee. You need to decide if you want to pay for your guests’ parking, or have each guest pay.

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Wedding Photographer Venue Barber Park Event Center, Boise Idaho


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