BOHO Casual trend for wedding photographers

Boho trends in Wedding Photography

A great time capturing wedding photos and new trends! A new wedding trend is on the loose and coming to a town near you! It’s called Boho Weddings. While I was pining on pinterest I came across an article on Boho Wedding Trends. Curious to find out what this was I had to do a little internet search. After all I may be asked by a Boise bride to shoot her Boho wedding or maybe I have taken wedding photos at a boho wedding and didn’t even know about ┬áit.

According to wikipedia (and we know it’s reliable) Boho is short for bohemian. Boho-chic is a style of fashion with a bohemian and hippie influence. Several actresses made this style popular in 2005. Since 1990’s it has been in and out of the wedding photographers fashion scene. Many of the elements of the boho style came from the 1960’s.

Even though it’s a trend, it’s timely. Who doesn’t love the casualness of the style. Lace, flower headbands instead of a formal wedding veil, informal wedding party attire, and DIY wedding decor with lace and flowers, of course. It would be perfect for any of the outdoor wedding venue such as the Idaho Botanical Garden, Barber Park Event Center, Alpine Ponds, Boise Depot, Still Water Hollow, not to mention the ranch homes and ranch style event centers located in Eagle. And what about those destination weddings in McCall, Cascade and Sun Valley. Boho is so Idaho weddings even if you’re not a hippy with a VW bus.

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